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This statement summarizes the values of ROP members. These set the foundation for the ROP Member Code of Ethics and provide the industry standard for the asset recovery industry. These are the core beliefs that govern our methodology and guide our decision-making.

We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent and in communicating with the public.

We responsibly use specialized knowledge, techniques and experience. This knowledge is valuable to our clients and customers and we provide this expertise for profit, assuming risk and often incurring costs in advance. As a result, we profit from our expertise in a manner that is neither unconscionable nor unfair.

We are faithful to those we represent and those we transact with.

We deal fairly with clients, customers, employers, competitors and vendors.

We follow all local, municipal, State and Federal laws, statutes and guidelines when conducting asset recovery.

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Rightful Owner Project Members List:

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A and S Capital Group Inc

Act Now Investments LLC

A. Foster and Associates

Agora Property Locators

Alliance Recovery Solutions, LLC

Allison Thuotte

American Asset Recovery Pros

American Wealth Recovery

AMR Consultants

Amy Strom

Anderson Asset Recovery

Andrea Allen

Angelic Investment Recovery, LLC

Anthony Babbitt

Apeiron Wealth

ARX Properties, Inc.

Asia Thompson

Asset Recovery Enterprise, LLC

Asset Recovery USA

Asset Research 007 Inc

Asset Research & Retrieval

Atlantic Home Services LLC

Augusta Vista Financial, LLC

II-Asset Recoveries



Benefit Resource Management

Bennie Yeo

Bernie Ridgeway

Bing Housing & Financial Services Corp.

Bluechip Asset Recovery

Born-A-Winner Asset Recovery

Brad Hayashi

Brian Baker

Brian White



Calvin Darden Jr

Camille Holcomb

Capital Recovery Agency

Carlton Investments LLC

Cash Enterprises, LLC

Cashfinders "R" Us

Cash Recovery Now

Casmar Asset Recovery

Collins Judgment Recovery Services

Consumer Asset Locators

Consumer Asset Recovery, LLC

Corey Jefferson Sr.

Court Assets Processing Services

Court Asset Recovery LLC

Croydon Realty Holdings LLC

Custom Solutions


Daniel D Hoyt

Darla Hiskett

Data Scout Procurement Service LLC

Data Trace USA, LLC

David Latham

DeLong Investments LLC

Dennis Peters

Devine Mobile and Internet Solutions

DJR Legal Asset Recovery Services

Donna Cate

Dorian Richwell

Dovecot Solutions, LLC

D.S.&R. Consultants LLC

Dyno Byte Mobile Solutions, LLC



Endersoo LLC

Eric Kreisler

Erin K. Flynn

Ernesto Castillo

Essential Business Solutions

Excess Recovery Agent



Farrow Solutions

Father's Sons LLC

Federal Asset Recovery Office (F.A.R. Office LLC)

Financial Synergy LLC

1st Asset Recovery

Focus Asset Recovery

For The Good LLC

49th Parallel Properties, Ltd.

4U Asset Recovery Service

Freedom Refund Pros

FreeWorld Asset Recovery

Front Door Reception, LLC

Fund Recovery Services



Gagnon & Wendt, LLC

Gary P Watford

GC Real Estate Services

George Dorsey Jr.

Gerald R Booth

Gerson Benoit

G&G Asset Recovery

Glenda Najem

Goldcoast Funding Solutions, LLC

Golden Pearls Asset Recovery

Golden Rose Holdings, LLC

Good & Faithful Servant Services, LLC

Good Samaritan Financial, LLC

Gramercy Park Investors, Inc

Greater Good Company

GreenStone Estates Inc.

Gregory W. Parks

Guardian Angel Initiative, LLC



Hidden Funds Inquiries, LLC

Home Refund Services, LLC

Home Rescue & Renovation, LLC

Honesta Asset Recovery Services

Howard Jones



Infinite Asset Recovery

Infinite Industries

Integrity Asset Services LLC

Israel Nieves



James Debourbon

James Dennis

J&K Asset Recovery

Janye Toliver

Jeffery Short

Jeff Randazzo

J.G. Enterprise GA LLC

John Canada & Associated, Inc.

John Eakle

John Goodman

John G Sudlow

John James Santangelo PhD

John Johnston

Johnny Dennis

Jordan Soloman

Jose Humberto Arevalo

Joshua Robinson

JS Investments LLC

Judgment Recovery Specialist

Julio Calderon

June Cena



Kenneth Gaither

Kevin W. Popelka

Keytag Holdings, LLC

KGF Legal Services

Klense-x Commercial Cleaning Inc.

Kula Asset Recovery LLC

KYM Consulting Group, LLC



L & L Presley LLC

La Paz Research Group

LB Global Technologies, Inc

Legal Asset Recovery, LLC

Legal Support Services 5280

Leotis Coker

Leroy Clemmons Jr

Liberty Asset Recovery, Inc

Lilac Blue Recovery

Lisa S Hart

LNF Properties

LP Consulting LLC



Mai Lee-Yang

Marcus Ramirez

Mark Douglas

Marla Scott

Maruti Investments, LLC

Mary Karen Brady

Michael Ludwig

Michael R. Hoffacker

Michael Worsham

Michelle Suslee

MJM Recovery Services

MME Asset Recovery

Money Recovery, LLC

Money Recovery, LLC - Kevin Stone O'Brien

Most Valuable Properties, LLC

Mountain Island Properties, LLC

Murray Crews

My American Dream Lifestyle LLC

My Recovered Assets



Nancy Ojeda

National Assets Discoveries LLC

National Money Claim, LLC

National Recovery & Redemption LLC

Nationwide Surplus Funds Recovery, LLC

NJP Asset Recovery



Orion Asset Recovery, LLC

Overage Refund and Asset Recovery LLC



Patrick Harback

PaulBuysHouses.org LLC

Paul Ogwo

PB Legal Assets

Praise Investments, LP

Property Consulting Services, LLC

Property Solutions Initiative LLC

Protocall Properties, LLC





Rambling Brook Homes, LLC

Randy Duerlinger

Raul Rodriguez

ReaLiquidators, LLC

Real Group Consultants, LLC

Rebate Properties LLC

Recovered Assets USA LLC


Rightful Owner Recovery Team

Rita Lewis

Robert J Williams

Robert Kintner

Robert Sherry

Robin Hood Advocates for the People

Robinhood Group USA

Robin R Campbell

RTI Asset Recovery

RWA Solution LLC



Sandra Lesik

Schmitz Home Services, LLC

Scott Marquardt

Sean Edward Nimmons

Seavia Recovery LLC

Serenity Solutions Recovery Group

Seth Weisman

Sheila Benjamin

Sherlock Asset Recovery

Sierra Asset Recovery Services LLC

Simeon L Montgomery

SmartHomeStays Inc.


Son-Rise Recovered Money

Sonya Johnson

Specialized Court Services

Stephen Willliams

Steward Redevelopment

Surplus Refund LLC



Tara Eitman


Team Asset Recovery Specialists

The Boora Law Group PLC

The Personal Scent, LLC

Third Wave Matrix, Inc.

Thomas King

Thomas Miller

Tovim Group, LLC

2 Rivers Financial LLC

Troy Pauley



Unclaimed Advantage

Unclaimed Assets Finders

Unclaimed Unlimited


U S Enterprises, Inc



Velvet Clover LLC

Veteran Asset Retrieval, LLC

Vicente Barcelos



Wadencapital LLC

We Have Money For You, LLC

Welsh Cash Recovery

Wind Investments LLC

Windy City Refunds LLC







Zucchini Guzelli LLC