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This statement summarizes the values of ROP members. These set the foundation for the ROP Member Code of Ethics and provide the industry standard for the asset recovery industry. These are the core beliefs that govern our methodology and guide our decision-making.

We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent and in communicating with the public.

We responsibly use specialized knowledge, techniques and experience. This knowledge is valuable to our clients and customers and we provide this expertise for profit, assuming risk and often incurring costs in advance. As a result, we profit from our expertise in a manner that is neither unconscionable nor unfair.

We are faithful to those we represent and those we transact with.

We deal fairly with clients, customers, employers, competitors and vendors.

We follow all local, municipal, State and Federal laws, statutes and guidelines when conducting asset recovery.

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About Rightful Owner Project:

Rightful owner project came about when asset recovery professionals discovered disreputable and/or unethical firms and individuals in the asset recovery business.  These businesses and individuals do not practice ethical or professional recovery methods and are have a detrimental effect on the public perception of this industry.

As a result, asset recovery professionals formed rightful owner project to accredit and verify the background, methodology and ethical practices of member firms.  By doing so, the industry becomes self-regulated, and consumers can work with member firms and individuals with confidence.


If a firm or individual is listed in our directory, they have performed the following:

1. Passed a background check.

We check for felony criminal or financial convictions of the chief officers or the individuals listed.  We also check that any firm is in good standing with the State where it is incorporated when the professional has a corporation.  Corporations, LLC’s, etc. are not necessary for an individual to become a member.


2. Committed to disclosure standards of practice.

The amount of the funds held, upon verification by the asset recovery professional, will be disclosed and all fees, payments and splits are discussed prior to moving forward.  It is not reasonable or feasible to disclose the exact location of the funds, to avoid claimants going around the asset recovery specialist to attempt to claim the funds on their own.  It should be noted that members are not obligated to disclose the location of the funds if an agreement cannot be reached between the member and the claimant.


3. Committed to ethical standards of practice.

Our members will always ‘do the right thing’, never misleading any claimant on any matter.


4. Committed to procedural standards of practice.

Our members will always keep personal information securely stored, and treat any personal information as confidential.  When necessary, records are destroyed completely and disposed of in a safe manner.


5. Committed to following all applicable local, State and Federal laws.